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  • Your daycare in Rivière-des-Prairies

    Daycare, nursery, 24 hours / 7 days services & halte garderie
    • Educational daycare

      Educational program preparing for elementary school

    • Nursery

      80 places including 20 for infants

    • Babysitting

      “À la carte” daycare hours, evenings and weekends

    • 24 hours / 7 days

      Designed for your lifestyle!
      24 hours / 7 days.

  • Caught up at work ? Want to attend a 5-7 ? Working on weekends? No more worries, Garderie RDP offers 24 hour child care services, 7 days a week !

    • 24 hours / 7 days

      At Garderie éducative RDP et pouponnière, we truly understand the needs of parents who, because of their atypical work schedules or their personal obligations, need child care outside traditional hours.

    • Safe environment

      We are committed to provide children with a totally safe and stimulating environment where children can explore and grow at each stage of their lives.

    • Peace of mind

      Our mission is to offer children a sense of feeling “at home” and to offer parents a peace of mind when they entrust us with their children.

    • Flexible hours

      Nowadays, some parents have a non-traditional work schedule, which greatly complicates the search for a daycare since most daycares close at 6 pm. Garderie RDP is one of the only daycare centers offering a 24 hours / 7 days a week services. Our mission is to help parents who have different work schedules by offering personalized childcare services.

  • Our Classes

    Fine and gross motor skills, language, independence and personal/ social development in all variety of levels are challenged and explored.
  • Our enviornment is safe, appealing and designed according to each age group.

  • Our classes are designed to help the children grow and develop skills that will help them succeed individually and in the real world. With the guidance of our trained educators, the children will learn and build on life-skills, respect, patience, tolerance, autonomy, independence, cooperation and so much more.

    • Babies
      The Centipedes & The Ladybugs, The Grasshoppers & The Butterflies
      • 3 m to 24 mths
        Age group
      • 20
        Number of children
    • Little Toddlers
      The Parrots, The Hummingbirds & The Doves
      • 2-3
        Age group
      • 24
        Number of children
    • Big Toddlers
      The Owls & The Ducks
      • 3-4
        Age group
      • 16
        Number of children
    • Preschoolers
      The Lions & The Tigers
      • 4-5
        Age group
      • 16
        Number of children
    • From the moment of our inscription our little Rose spontaneously connected with the Director and one of the educators. Thank you Garderie RDP for all the love and attention you gave to our little flower.

      Rose's parents, Amélie & Olivier
    • We feel good knowing our son is safe, well fed and very much loved, so much that when we go pick up him at the end of the day, he doesn’t want to leave! We couldn’t be happier with our choice of daycare.

      Anthony's parents, Lyne & Vincent
    • Our little treasure was instantly charmed by the daycare. As parents, when your child is excited to go to daycare and day to day you see his progression … you know you made the RIGHT CHOICE!

      Bryan's parents, Véronique & Benoit
    • This daycare has promised us a stimulating, safe and warm environment and they have surpassed our expectations and beyond. It is now over a year that my daughter attends the daycare and each morning she leaves with a smile on her face…that is the most beautiful gift that the daycare could give us. Eli loves the daycare… and so do we 🙂

      Elizabeth's parents, Nancy & Cédric
    • As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. We could not ask for a better group of educators. The quality of care and education that our child is receiving is above and beyond what we expected.

      Gia's parents, Tanya & Alfonso

    See Testimonials

    from parents of children who attend our daycare
  • Designed for your lifestyle!

    24 hours / 7 days

    • 80 places including 20 for infants
    • "À la carte" daycare hours: full time, part time, evenings, weekends and variable attendance
    • Bilingual and initiation to languages (e.g Italian)
    • Healthy meals and snacks
    • Educational program preparing for elementary school
    • Over 20 years of experience in child care
    • Warm, stimulating and nurturing environment
    • Karate and dance classes and so much more!
    • 1.5 km from the Rivières-des-Prairies AMT station
    • Learn while having fun

      Physical and motor dimension

    • Healthy meals

      Our menus follow the guidelines of the Canada Food Guide

    • Social and moral dimension

      The child learns to interact with its environment

    • Safe environment

      We ensure the health, safety and well-being of the children

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