• Gia's parents, Tanya & Alfonso

    As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. The staff at RDP Daycare ensures us that we never have to worry about our child’s happiness and safety. It’s a year since our daughter has joined RDP Daycare and she has adapted better than I had expected. The educators are genuine, enthusiastic and full of energy. The daycare offers a great deal in the children’s developments, through different activities such as music, dance, art… I see it with our daughter. She gets a good range of activities and stimulation. We could not ask for a better group of educators. The quality of care and education that our child is receiving is above and beyond what we expected. We feel fortunate to have a daycare like this for our daughter, and greatly recommend it.
    Thank you

    Rose's parents, Amélie & Olivier

    From the moment of our inscription, Rose spontaneously had a connection with the director, Mickey and one of the educators. She immediately felt comfortable and started coloring, already forgetting about Mommy and Daddy. For parents, it is a great relief and a great start to a trustful relationship. Rose was the very first child at the daycare. She quickly felt at ease and made friends very easily.

    After a short few weeks, Rose started talking a lot more and her fine motor skills were constantly improving. She understands English and French and a few words in Italian! At home, Rose proudly shows off her yoga poses that she learned at the daycare. Garderie RDP offers great flexible services but most importantly we love the outdoor trips, arts and crafts, and the music and dance classes!

    We are ecstatic that our little Rose had a great first experience in daycare. Thank you to Garderie RDP for all the love and attention you give our little flower.

    Bryan & Brenden's parents, Véronique & Benoit

    Garderie RDP is the choice to make!

    My little treasure was charmed by his environment right away and quickly made many friends.
    As parents, when your child wants to go to daycare, and day to day you see progression… you know your made the RIGHT CHOICE!

    Thank you to the whole Garderie RDP team. The management team is also warm and reassuring, thank you for welcoming us in this beautiful and large family !

    Loïck's parents, Dominique & Simon

    I just would like to thank you for the good work in the latest days…. A lot of kids arrived all of a sudden from another daycare and you managed it so well, the parents are giving me a lot of good feedback. They are really happy and we now know how much you and the team RDP care about our kids…

    I tried to tell you yesterday but the timing was wrong…. By e-mail you can take the time to read it and appreciate it. I know you have a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibilities inside and outside of the daycare and it’s necessary to say thank you.

    Since my son has been there with you and the girls, he changed a lot for the better. The other kids are in good hands as well! My son is happy when getting ready for the school and we are not worried anymore for the future. We have no stress that he will manage well when he switches in September.

    You took the time when you didn’t have it to take care of us and to listen to us when we had issues with him. You are special for us and be sure that I’ve talk about you to the other new parents…. How much you care even if sometimes you have a lot of pressure. I said to them that you are devoted to the kids and the daycare and as well to the educators which are well supported! Same for the girls and Christina cause it is a team work!

    With the situation at home , we have a lot of pressure and to see how good our son’s evolution is it gives us the opportunity to let go a bit, and breath as well.

    Millions of thanks to you, Christina and team RDP.

    Benjamin Zachary's parents, Bénita & Jetro

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attention you give our son. For this we are grateful.

    Élizabeth's parents, Nancy & Cédric

    Our first visit at the daycare was early January 2015. The daycare had just opened but the renovations weren’t completely done yet. Regardless, once I arrived, I could already see a colourful environment, with beautiful sunny classrooms ready for little ones. Followed by my meeting with the director who told me, eyes full of stars, their projects and their vision of the daycare, which they had designed for our lifestyles. They also have a stimulating environment for our children including child development programs and weekly karate, dance and yoga classes designed for our children. That’s when I fell in love and was so excited for my daughter to start her new adventure.

    Although initially there were very few children and suddenly there was a lot of change. I immediately noticed that my daughter was evolving rapidly and was so happy in her new environment. The educators are passionate and alert and it is noticeable. Over the months, more and more children joined the group and daycare came to life!

    This daycare has promised us a stimulating, safe and warm environment and they have fulfilled our expectations and beyond. It is now over a year that my daughter attends the daycare and each morning she leaves with the smile on her face…that is the most beautiful gift that the daycare could give us.
    Éli adores her daycare and so do we !

    Anthony's parents, Lyne & Vincent

    Notre garçon Anthony avait 1 an et demi et allait dans une garderie familiale lorsque nous avons commencé à lui chercher une place dans un CPE. Non pas qu’il n’était pas bien ou il était, il ne manquait de rien pour ses besoins physiques, mais nous trouvions qu’il manquait de stimulation et que les activités éducatives se faisaient rares. Il passait ses journées à jouer par lui-même, à écouter la télé et allait rarement à l’extérieur. Nous n’avons pas trouvé de CPE dans notre quartier qui avait une place pour lui avant 2016, ce qui lui aurait donné 3 ans et demi. Nous trouvions cela très tard mais n’avions pas le choix. Quand la Garderie RDP a annoncé son ouverture, nous étions ravis : Une garderie juste au coin de notre rue qui proposait un programme éducatif intéressant.

    Enfin, notre garçon allait pouvoir combler son grand besoin d’apprendre et de se développer. C’était là notre priorité dans notre choix de garderie. Nous avons donc opté pour le changement. 6 mois plus tard, nous voyons l’évolution de notre garçon. Il a appris plus de choses pendant cette période que pendant l’année qu’il a passée en milieu familial. Son vocabulaire s’est développé, il nous chante des chansons à la maison qu’il a apprises à la garderie, il apprend à vivre en société et les valeurs que nous lui inculquons à la maison lui sont aussi démontrées à la garderie.

    Nous le savons en sécurité, bien nourri et aimé. À un tel point que lorsque nous allons le chercher à la fin de la journée, il ne veut plus partir. Il adore son éducatrice Djamila et nous aussi puisque nous sentons l’amour qu’elle a pour notre fils et son souci de son développement. Nous sommes tellement heureux de notre choix de garderie. Longue vie à la Garderie RDP.

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